When it comes to relocating, along with everything else, one task which needs both time and money is – shipping your car. Whether you need to ship interstate or internationally, the procedure is much longer than just finding a shipping company and deciding the transportation date.

Paper work concerning auto shipment seems confusing, but it doesn’t exactly have to be. Any genuine auto shipment company like shipacarinc.com will help you through the process and provide you a list of documents to furnish.

These documents basically prove that the vehicle being shipped is legal, and safeguards the company as well. If you are doing this for the first time, here is a list of documents you need to keep ready to ship a car state to state or internationally.

Interstate Shipment:

For any interstate auto shipment, all you have to do is provide the shipment company with documents which proves that you are the car owner.

  • Original copy of Registration and Title: This document proves your ownership. However, if there is an ongoing lien on your car, you will need to provide a Lienholder authorization document. Then again, this is only necessary if your car is being shipped via sea port.
  • Copy of car insurance: Copy of an unexpired insurance needs to be submitted for shipping a vehicle.
  • Photo ID: Usually, this is not a necessary document, but if the transport company needs your information for their personal database, you might have to provide it. Your driving license or passport should work.
  • Absent owner authorization: This is another document which you need if your car is being transported via sea port. This document is especially important when someone else is going to pick your car at the destination.

International Shipment:

Some of the documents needed to Ship a Car, Inc internationally are same as that needed for state to state transport.

  • Original copy of Registration and Title: To prove that vehicle belongs to you.
  • Lien holder authorization letter: Generally, it is difficult to ship a car internationally with an ongoing loan, but it is not impossible. You will require your banks or financial institution’s notarized letter.
  • Insurance and Photo ID: Just like with state to state shipment, you will need to provide a copy of unexpired car insurance, and a photo id which can be your driver’s license, passport, etc.
  • Bill of Sale: To ship a vehicle internationally you even need to furnish original bill of sale, or a notarized copy of the same.
  • Other documents: Furnish a document which proves that you paid state sales tax while purchasing the car. Also, the document which proves you paid necessary taxes to both, the country from where the car is coming and going to.
  • Power of attorney: If you are importing or exporting the vehicle on behalf of someone else, you will need to submit the original copy of Power of Attorney.

All the documents mentioned above are very important in order to prove that the car you and Shipment Company are transporting is not stolen. Without any of these documents, it is almost impossible to transport a car within or outside the United States.