As reported by the statistics available, an automobile is stolen every 20 seconds, within the U . s . States. Even though the cities have high likelihood of an automobile being stolen, the popularity that’s being seen recently may be the increase of auto thievery in suburban, rural areas and individuals areas which were located near borders or ports. The popularity implies that organized and well-established groups perform auto thefts in port or border towns since leaving the stolen booty is simpler.

The data in the Interpol reveal that in the finish of 2009, the figure of stolen vehicles was at greater than 6.two million. They were combined figures for pretty much 160 countries, which shared their very own database of stolen vehicles with this from the Interpol. With regards to this figure, the amount of retrieved vehicles around 2009 was at nearly 26,000.

The popularity of car crime has witnessed a shift of auto thefts from cars to trailers along with other heavy vehicles. Vehicle thefts will always be associated with terrorism and arranged crime, because the stolen vehicles are stolen not just for his or her own value but in addition for abetting other crimes. Terrorist activities too have experienced a significant utilization of vehicles as vehicle bombs, thus showing the growing utilization of vehicles in crime.

These growing trends of auto thefts brings about an issue why do these thefts occur to begin with and it is there no method to safeguard your automobile. The reply is yes because there are ways you can use to guard the automobile from being stolen, but in some way thieves end up being smarter and befool the client.

However, it’s not there are no solid measures to prevent the audacity from the auto thieves to lift vehicles everywhere. It is just that does not so many people are conscious of it as well as if they’re, they’re ignorant about the subject. One particular is through using the Gps navigation tracking system which if fitted in the vehicle can explain its exact place at a reason for time.

The tracking systems would be the latest measure within the auto-security arena, which work based on the Gps by which the actual location from the vehicle fitted using the Gps navigation unit is used in a main network system through the wireless cellular services. These signals are transferred regularly, that makes it simple to target the exact place from the vehicle anytime.

When the vehicle fitted having a Gps navigation unit is stolen, law enforcement can avail the co-ordinates or even the location data from the vehicle in the tracking system software that will get the data regularly. This data may then be coordinated on the map to obtain the exact area or location from the vehicle. Furthermore, the Gps navigation system works even if your engine from the vehicle continues to be switched off, so there’s virtually no way to avoid it. Government bodies are advocating increasingly more automobile proprietors to obtain vehicles pre-fitted using the Gps navigation units and when the unit aren’t pre-fitted, to obtain them installed, inside a bid to check on auto-thefts.