Why do we require to crush cars? One of the most noticeable factor is so they use up less area. However why are we tearing, shredding and junking cars to begin with? Reprocessing cars is a profitable process, and it makes ecological sense.

While environmentally aware consumers– and car manufacturers– put a great deal of emphasis on automobiles that run successfully, equally as crucial is what occurs to those cars when they’re done operating. Besides, more than 12 million cars were ditched the previous year alone. If you consider that each car has a mass of hundreds of pounds, you can see how rapidly the potential for the scrap car Singapore industry adds up. The good news? The auto recycling market is alive and well, and almost every one of those automobiles will be reprocessed.

Removal of Reusable Parts

Keep reading to learn about vehicle recycling, and just how automobiles are recycled.

Frequently, when an automobile reaches a junkyard, it is checked. Oil, gas, antifreeze, transmission and brake fluids are drained and disposed of suitably or filtered and used.

The automobile engine and transmission are eliminated and cleaned. Tires and batteries are additionally eliminated for resale or recycling.

Smaller sized parts such as fronts lights, taillights, and trim may be conserved, depending on the design and make from the automobile.

What’s left– all the iron and steel, consisting of the vehicle body, is after that crushed level.

So at the end of the roadway, where do every one of those auto components go?

The Recycling Process and Rules

Presently, there are no unified guidelines about car recycling procedures by the Federal Government in the United States, though there are efforts bordering the recycling of mercury switches and tyres. The efforts all strive on making the salvaging and recycling procedure as tidy as possible, and they have achieved success in applying several laws that make the whole procedure cleaner.

4 recycling steps


The liquids and multiple-use components are gotten rid of. These include batteries, wheels and tires, steering columns, fenders, radios, engines, starters, transmissions, generators, choose plastic parts and parts, glass, foams, catalytic convertors, and various other components, based upon aftermarket need.


After all the multiple-use parts were removed, the vehicle is squashed to a more manageable dimension prior to being sent to the shredder


The shredder tears the smashed car into fist-sized pieces

Resource Recovery

The shredded products are separated into ferrous and non-ferrous steels, and basic residue. This residue, described as Car Shredder Residue or ASR, consists of plastics, rubber, wood, paper, material, glass, sand and dirt. These materials consist of typically 20% of the car and they can’t be reprocessed.

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