Tire of your car is the only contact point with the road. Hence it is very likely that tire will be the biggest reason of problems that you will experience with your car.

Therefore, it is always better to be aware of various signs of problem with your tires, so that it will be easy for you to get them repaired or replace it the moment you are able to identify the problem.

This will make sure that your car will remain safe for driving all the time and you need not visit your Mechanic too often.

  • Cracking and bulging

Cracking and bulging may appear in the tires by hitting a pothole, impact of which may cause cracks in the sidewall. If your tires are under/over inflated, then this problem can occur more and you will be compelled to replace the tires altogether.

Though cracking will indicate that tire is getting old so that you may replace it.

  • Cuts and punctures

Usually, puncture damage will happen due to a particular road hazard, as an example, any broken glass lying on the road. This kind of damage will rarely be the fault of the car driver.

You can surely bolster your defense against punctures by making sure that your tire is sufficiently inflated.

  • Driving at speed

Your tires can be at higher risk if you are driving regularly at a higher speed than at lower speed. At higher speed, contact with hazards of road e.g. potholes may cause more damage.

Also, overheating due to higher driving speed may damage tire and cause loss of control while driving.

  • Emergency brake damage

Due to emergency braking, there can be almost instant tire wear in very specific area. This can ultimately lead to deflation, if it is left for much longer.

So, if you recently have carried out emergency stop, then be sure that you check the tires for any localized wear.

  • Misalignment

In case, your tire is more worn on one side as compared to other then it will be misaligned. A misaligned tire should be replaced based on severity of wear, as it will reduce your tire’s grip and traction on roads in case not fitted correctly.

  • Over inflation

By over inflating your car tire, it will be bit unsafe to drive. Overinflated tire will not able to make good contact with the road and hence will have lesser grip.

Also, more stress you will put on the structure of your tires under which, you will reduce the lifespan of your tire.

  • Under inflation

If your tires are under inflated then it may cause any of the following problems:

  • Higher risk of understeer that may lead to collisions
  • Handling will be poor and difficulty in performing precise maneuvers
  • Car tire will have more amount of wear and tear
  • Increased risk of tire being punctured
  • Wear and tear

Over a period of time there will be wear and tear with all tires, but it is important to monitor tires’ tread depth for ensuring it is within the legal limit. In case, tread depth is less than 1.6mm, then legally you cannot drive on roads.

You must get your tires replaced then.